Students defeat $1000 fee increase at University of King’s College

HALIFAX—Students won a major victory earlier today when the University of King’s College’s Board of Governors voted unanimously against a proposed $1000 tuition fee increase for first year students enrolled in the Foundation Year Program. This makes the University of King’s College the only university to reject the tuition fee reset.


“Today’s victory is concrete proof that tuition fee hikes are not inevitable,” said Aidan McNally, President of the King’s Students’ Union. “When students come together and pressure our decision makers to oppose tuition fee increases, we can win”

Last year, the McNeil government lifted the three per cent cap on tuition fees, allowing institutions to hike students’ fees by an unlimited amount. Today’s vote comes after months of campaigning by King’s students against the fee hike. The King’s Students’ Union will be joining student groups from across Canada on Wednesday November 2 for a national day of action for free post-secondary education.

“This is just the beginning,” said McNally. “We won’t stop until we’ve won free post-secondary education across Canada.”


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Aidan McNally, President, Kings’ Students’ Union,

 Fight the Fees

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