Keep tuition fees affordable to ensure access to education

Originally published in the Brandon Sun

Kerry Auriat’s March 25 column “Allowing Tuition Hikes Strikes Right Balance” improperly frames post-secondary education as an individual responsibility in order to justify increasing costs for students. 

Auriat himself was able to benefit from both the benefits of strong public investments in post-secondary education, and the fact that upon graduation, he entered a job market where one could reasonably expect to get a full-time, well-paying job. It is unfortunate that he supports a political decision to increase the distance between his experiences in education and experiences of students like myself.

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Students Are Innovators

Originally published as an Op-Ed in the Ottawa Citizen

Finance Minister Bill Morneau lauded the 2017 federal budget as the budget that will “help Canadians get the skills they need to drive our economy forward.” What the budget fails to address is the significant price tag on learning and skills training in this country: tuition fees.


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Listen to Students and You'll Hear Education For All

Originally published in The Manitoban 

Over the past two years, I have had the great pleasure of working with and representing students in Manitoba. While serving as the provincial chairperson of the Manitoba branch of the Canadian Federation of Students, I’ve heard many concerns, experiences, and anxieties from students.


My role, primarily, involves listening.


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Students Take Call For Free Post-Secondary Education To Parliament Hill

Monday, February 6, 2017 // OTTAWA – Students from across Canada are in Ottawa this week meeting with Members of Parliament and Senators to present a plan that would see tuition fees eliminated for all students.

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Fight The Fee Increase at Carleton U!

On Thursday February 2, Carleton University’s Board of Governors is voting to increase students’ tuition fees. Carleton U is attempting to jam through two years of tuition fee increases at this meeting in an attempt to cut out student voices by eliminating the opportunity for students to mobilize against fee increases next year.

Senior administration is recommending that the Board of Governors pass a number of tuition fee increases, ranging from 6% for domestic students in non-professional programs to 16% for international students studying professional programs, over two years. Considering average tuition fees for these students are already $8,114 per year and $29,761 per year respectively, these fee increases amount to an additional several hundred dollars (several thousand for international students!). Carleton is planning to continue making money on the backs of international students by upholding xenophobic differential fees that charge international students 3.7 times more for the same education as domestic students.

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Movement for Universal Access

Dear Governor Cuomo,

On behalf of 650,000 college and university students in Canada, we write to congratulate you on today’s announcement about New York State’s proposed Excelsior Scholarship. As many remarked during your press conference today, this is a momentous occasion for those who believe accessible post-secondary education is a crucial part of any fair and just society.  

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Statement in Solidarity with UMFA

Canada’s student movement stands in solidarity with members of the University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA), who have been on strike since November 1 in defence of academic freedom, fair workloads and high-quality education. 

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We Won't Stop Until We Win

On Wednesday, November 2, 2016, thousands of students fighting for free education in Canada took action on 58 campuses in 36 cities across every province.

We have never been so bold in our demand for free education now. November 2 marked a point from which the Canadian Federation of Students will not turn back. Exorbitant tuition fees and record levels of student debt have created a crisis that demands fundamental change. The only solution is the outright elimination of tuition fees in favour of a universal system of public post-secondary education.

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Let's Go Fossil Free AND Tuition Free

Kiki Wood is the National Director of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition and co-coordinator of Fossil Free Canada.

When I entered University in 2007, I thought a post-secondary education was all about the courses you took and the GPA you graduated with. What I didn’t know, was that the education that would get me pretty much every job I’ve had since graduating came from the education of the student movement more than the classroom. Today, Universities and colleges are once again becoming sites of grassroots organizing. Students today are one of the biggest forces of power for justice, but they shoulder an incredible financial burden. 

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Examine Free Post-Secondary Education

Originally published in The Winnipeg Free Press

The tuition debate back is back in Manitoba with a very different focus than in previous years. Recent comments made by the premier and education minister suggest that after more than a decade of a tuition freeze followed by legislation limiting increases in undergraduate fees to the rate of inflation, higher tuition fee increases are under consideration.

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