It's Time to Think Big

"We need a post-secondary education system that dismantles barriers instead of building them. A crucial first step is the fight for free tuition"

Bilan Arte, National Chairperson


It’s time to change the legacy we leave in post-secondary education and for our society in general. We know that vocational training, and college and university education itself is not free; it requires significant investment. But we can challenge decades of “fend for yourself” thinking in public post-secondary education policy — where tax cuts or RESPs were promoted over public funding for PSE — and remember we are strongest when working together.

A free tuition model takes us back to an era when our PSE system expanded thanks to a more progressive tax system and strong public funding. A free tuition approach allows for better campus services, fairer wages and reinvestment in core funding for PSE, given the heights to which tuition fees have risen.

Our case for free tuition is based on these arguments, found in full, in Time to Think Big: The Case for Free Tuition

  1. Our post-secondary education system is broken;
  2. We must learn from our history;
  3. We need fundamental change;
  4. Free tuition is possible.

Read more. Download the paper today. 

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