Toronto Star: International Students Are an Asset We Need to Cultivate

By the most recent numbers, 352,960 international students currently study in Canada, amounting to almost 1 in 6 students on Canadian campuses. Our ‘public’ postsecondary education system is designed to entice students from around the world to study here, charge them 3.5 times the price as domestic students and then send them away. 

International students pay taxes, generate jobs and innovation and contribute to the vibrancy of our country. But in 2013 and again in 2015, the federal government made it more difficult for international students to gain permanent residency by delisting student jobs as valid Canadian work experience. It’s time to end the discriminatory practice of differential fees for international students and to reboot the Experience Class Program to welcome international students to stay in Canada.

Read Armine Yalnizyan and Chris Grisdale’s article in full here.

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