In the News: New Students Speak Against Tuition Increases

As the administration at Memorial University meets in secret to discuss raising tuition fees, incoming students say that the low tuition fees were a key factor in choosing to attend the university.

Tuition fees have been frozen at Memorial for more than a decade; however, documents recently released by Memorial’s students’ union show that the university’s administration has struck a committee to investigate how high they could raise tuition without losing more than 10 percent of student enrolment.

Incoming students are not receiving this news well, with one new student stating, “it's upsetting because one of MUN's big hits is that it has low tuition.” Another new student stated, “I don't really like it because paying more money is never a fun thing to do — and it's just so expensive anyways.”


The potential increases are particularly concerning for international students who already pay more than 3 times the tuition fees of a domestic student. One international student from India spoke to this, stating, “"for us, being international students, for us one dollar equals $2.50 of our own currency. Even 10 per cent is a very huge thing for us."

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